24H Monitoring

Arneg offers you an always-on service partner

Looking for a partner who can monitor your store's alarms and send notifications directly to the company responsible for technical assistance? Arneg's operations centre is active 24 hours a day.

Arneg's 24H Monitoring contract gives you a continuous monitoring service for your store's alarms.

We'll even call your chosen assistance service.



Why choose our service:

  • low cost store fault alarm monitoring
  • rapid notification of alarms to your assistance centre or technical service


Arneg's 24H Monitoring contract also includes the following services:

Arneg Anywhere

Arneg Anywhere is an end-to-end service that gives you access to an international/European/extra-EU data network connection.
Don't worry! We shall install the necessary device directly in your Arneg cabinet or refrigerated system.

The benefits of this service:

  • A secure, protected and encrypted connection
  • Automatic activation and de-activation option
  • No IT / DPC infrastructure needed
Arneg Data Power

Arneg Data Power is a predictive/preventive analysis service that monitors faults and energy consumption.

Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this service predicts problems like electrical and electronic part faults, energy consumption and other problems up to 5 days before the event.

Arneg Data Power also provides predictive models that generate early notifications of future failure risks, as well as medium-term energy consumption prediction modules.

Service currently available only in Italy