Digital management of spare parts and product technical information

AGA is Arneg’s new portal for consulting technical documentation in digital format and for the online purchase of spare parts for Arneg S.p.A. refrigerated cabinets. The platform is available worldwide and can be accessed from any device, whether a computer, tablet or smartphone.

AGA confirms Arneg’s commitment to the digital transformation of the traditionally paper-based technical documentation sector, using technical innovation to make documents easier to use and more direct.




Simplification is obvious right from the start. To access information, you can either search for a product on the platform or scan the QR code on the label of the display. This gives immediate access to the data sheet and all the custom options for the product in question.



In AGA you can find:



This section shows a virtual and dynamic 3D model of the product. You can move it, rotate it and zoom in on it to find the parts you want, without needing assistance. Once you have selected the necessary spare part, you can order it directly.



This is our technical documentation, with sections and video tutorials that provide all the instructions you need to assemble, clean and service your equipment. Our video tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for all operations, accompanied by clear symbols indicating what tools you need for the job.



These combine the functions of visual instructions and 3D spare parts catalogues. These highly interactive documents represent a great step forward in ease of consultation. You can view these documents on your own device and at any time with no loss of interactivity.


The design principles of AGA fully satisfy the requirements of EU Ecodesign Regulation 2019/2024, which requires that information for the repair and maintenance of products be provided online. An intelligent and reasoned use of resources with a view to using energy more efficiently is an essential aspect of the circular economy.