Synergy and localisation

Two values that make all the difference

The Arneg Group has achieved truly global dimensions on international markets. Its position of leadership in the commercial refrigeration sector stems from its exploitation of synergy between the various companies in the Group and from a heritage of competence and ideas shared across the Group through a vast production and distribution network covering every continent. This synergy complements ARNEG’s ability to operate in perfect harmony with the cultures of every country where the Group expresses its unique style, innovative drive and identity, and has enabled the creation of local subsidiaries and production units to serve local communities with the contribution of local men and women. The result is a unique ability to interpret and satisfy real and specific needs in all parts of the world, to utilise local resources and deliver real benefits in terms of quality of life, and to contribute effectively to local growth and development in line with new business ethics: more evolved, more collaborative and more sharing.

Sharing as a vital force within the GROUP.

Sharing professionalism, experience, skills and identity. Sharing knowledge and technology. Sharing points of view and strategies. And sharing similarities and differences in order to grow together. That is what being a Group is all about. And that is the strength of the Arneg Group.