Energy consulting

Control and planning of all energy consumption

We put all our experience at your service to help you monitor and control your store's consumption.

If you are looking for a partner to manage the power loads not only of your refrigeration systems but of your air conditioning and lighting too, discover the services Arneg has to offer:

  • Management
  • Energy comparison
  • Consulting



The Arneg BEMS Supervisor (BEMS) can provide real-time management of energy usage of your store or stores, whether refurbished or new openings.

The service is designed to identify the criticalities and strengths of the various technologies present.

Our BEMS platform can dialogue with all the systems in your store, even non-Arneg systems.


Thanks to the constant remote monitoring of all your energy users, you can achieve significant reductions in waste and operating costs.

Arneg's Bems Supervisor lets you manage:

  • Lights
  • System temperature
  • Store accesses and security
  • Consumption, by controlling energy use



With our energy comparison service and Arneg big data, we can build your ideal store together.

Our evolved building automation system lets you analyse and compare the performance of different stores with a view to improving performance.

Your store's energy systems will be fully customised and continuously evaluated to achieve maximum efficiency.



Arneg's consulting service gives you complete control over your stores' consumption levels.

Our technical personnel will perform all the necessary energy comparisons and interface with all your store's suppliers.

Thanks to this unique consulting service, developed after years of data measurement, our specialists can:

  • share the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all energy users
  • analyse energy consumption levels
  • plan customised strategies for energy saving to suit the size and nature of your store




Service currently available only in Italy