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Between smoothies, natural good taste and a sea of people goes on the Euroshop adventure.

To recharge batteries during intense days such as those we are experiencing in the crowded Arneg stands, nothing could be better than enjoying a refreshing smoothie in the space called "L’O

The second effervescent day of Euroshop in the name of the best Made in Italy.

Inebriating. This is the word that best describes this second day of Euroshop that for Arneg stand opens with a real sea of people.

Franco Fava tells the historical and social evolution of the stores, with an eye to the future.

Franco Fava, a health and consumption sociologist, inaugurates the series of conversations about organized large-scale distribution future in the conference space

An exciting first day at Euroshop 2017

The Arneg stand is a meeting of flavors, colors, fragrances, faces that convey emotions, meetings of people coming from all over the world and speak different languages, sharing the pleasure of liv

From tomorrow till March the 9th

Here we are! Very few hours are missing to the opening, last preparations are in full effect. And finally our aim is going to be reached.