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The right impulse for your Sales

With the experience gained from Arneg in serve-over counters production to meet with our customers requirements the new 2 tier solution of Victoria offers innovative solutions, for

The art of attraction

Structurally designed for promotional sales, the semi-vertical cabinet Velden is characterized by the superstructure with glass shelves which increases horizontal load capacity, op

A REVOLUTIONARY new concept of exploiting the internal volume of a low temperature wall-cabinet

Wengen was developed to provide the traditional display of product, shelved and base as in half glass door cabinets, but in a full glass door format offering smaller footprint and increased capacit

The highest expression of versatility for any type of store

It provides an excellent functionality, combining a modern design concept of high level.

One of a kind!

Usually destined for the American market, the Chicago 3 model for served meat guarantees excellent visibility of the goods on display.