27-11-2019 to 28-11-2019


ASAP Community Day

Arneg Italia will participate in the 16th ASAP Service Management Forum.

Dates: 27-28 November 2019

>> November 27th, 2.30 pm: Marco Foralosso, Energy Manager of Arneg SpA, will present: "From "iron" to service. Data and evolution of services in ARNEG"

Location: Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci" Via San Vittore 21, Milan


ASAP is the italian reference community for service management. This year, for the 16th edition of its National Conference, it aims to create a moment of networking, research and solutions transfer.

Through the stories of important representatives of the industrial and academic world and international guests, smart-connected products will be discussed together with the resulting business model revolution and the change of the value perceived by customers.


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