Arneg tells his strategies about the advanced services

What is servitization? 

Servitization consists in extending the product offer through the supply of advanced services, not only in support of the product but also of customers and their processes, revolutionising the business model: no longer selling products, but offering "functions" or "solutions" to customer problems in "as-a-service" mode.

Marco Foralosso, Energy & Technical Sales Support of Arneg SpA, will describe the experience of Arneg in the development of advanced services used as sales tools in order to support the customers, during the webinar entitled: "Servitization: the experience told by the companies".

This online event is organized by ASAP Service Management Forum - an italian community for research, training, networking and transfer of solutions within the product-service system - on June 10th at 4 p.m.

On this occasion, some strategies applied by Arneg to the services will be illustrated, not only on a theoretical but also on a practical level, in order to show how the company has make their services real sales tools. The potential of Arneg's services will certainly include how to reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration cabinets and predict maintenance.

The webinar, only in Italian, will take place on Zoom and will be free after registration. 

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