The Subcritical CO2 High Power Multi-system is suitable for low temperature systems operating in medium-large supermarkets. Refrigeration capacity is between 7 and 90 kW. The system uses 3 or 4 compressors.

Indoor installation
Outdoor installation
Reciprocating compressor
Built-in condenser
With liquid receiver
Low temperature
With soundproof housing
Without soundproof housing
Large surface
Medium surface
Cash & carry
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Applications CPR brand CPR n° Refrigeration power KW Length mm P x H
BT BITZER 3 7,7-59,6 2150 1000X2050
BT DORIN 3 9,5-67,0 2150 1000X2050
BT BITZER 4 10,3-79,5 2150-2850 1000X2050
BT DORIN 4 12,6-89,3 2150-2850 1000X2050