LISBONA 2 LF 1C 085 H218

Working temperature

+2 / +4°C
+4 / +6°C

Normal Temperature
Remote condensing unit
<p>Ventilated refrigeration</p>
<p>Off-cycle defrost</p>
Large surface
<p>Medium surface</p>
Pre-packed fish
Fruit & vegetables
Fresh milk

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This innovative vertical cabinet features an evolved display concept based on extremely simple, contemporary-looking lines, optimised internal space and more powerful lighting for a more exciting, high-impact view of the products, enhanced by a larger frontal display area than on previous versions.

Length without ends
Horizontal display surface
Net volume
1250 mm
3,87 m2
0 dm3
1875 mm
5,8 m2
0 dm3
2500 mm
7,74 m2
0 dm3
3750 mm
11,61 m2
0 dm3
TSC 1975
5,8 m2
0 dm3
TSC 2183
6,45 m2
0 dm3
Cross Section