Arneg Bems Supervisor

Controls energy, eliminates needless cost

Arneg B.E.M.S. Arneg's Building Energy Management System is a modern energy management and control system, not only for refrigeration equipment but for all point of sale energy users.


Arneg BEMS Supervisor is a simple and intuitive on-line platform that dialogues with all energy users in the store, including non-Arneg equipment.
Refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting and other energy consuming systems are constantly monitored. BEMS Supervisor can remotely control lights, adjust temperature settings, monitor accesses and security and optimise consumption by controlling energy usage, leading to a dramatic reduction in unnecessary cost.

Control: permits the real-time supervision of all point of sale energy consumption and the identification of the critical and efficient energy users that customers need to be aware of to work out their business strategies. Arneg's technical personnel can also use BEMS Supervisor to agree the scheduled maintenance and repair of energy users with customers.
Energy comparison: this evolved building automation software permits the analysis and comparison of single-store energy consumption over time and the comparison of energy consumption between different stores. Arneg BEMS Supervisor lets you analyse point of sale energy consumption and customise strategies for energy saving to suit the size and characteristics of your store.
Consulting: Thanks to years of experience in consumption monitoring, Arneg is the ideal partner for advanced energy comparisons. Our competence in big data allows us to help customers construct the perfect store using tailor-made energy systems. Arneg can accompany customers through the entire store life-cycle, continuously monitoring and improving energy usage in order to optimise performance.

Arneg BEMS Supervisor can be applied to all points of sale including new openings and refurbishments.


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