Light, high-performance, non-toxic

Propane, also known as R290, is a natural refrigerant that is widely used in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. It is a hydrocarbon that is present in nature, boasts excellent thermodynamic properties, and does not deplete the ozone layer. 

While it is non-toxic, its high flammability means that it must be handled with care and according to strict rules. In Europe, R290 is subject to charge limit of 150 g per machine. Above this, risk evaluation and certification become obligatory. For this reason, propane cannot be used in large refrigeration systems. 

Propane is therefore suitable for use in refrigerated cabinets with their own motor and small refrigerators like distributors and household fridges.




Propane’s key characteristics are:

High refrigeration power

An ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0 and a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only

Environmental compatibility

High energy efficiency, low cost

Ready availability at a low price 



Arneg offers plug-in cabinets to suit the needs of large and small stores alike. Arneg models suit all uses, from large stores and discount outlets where they can be used for promotional displays, down to small neighbourhood supermarkets where every inch of space is important. 

Arneg’s propane-cooled refrigerated cabinets satisfy all possible display needs and deliver excellent performance in a compact format. 

Here are some of our leading products.



The result of Arneg’s most advanced research, the Nimes LX line of vertical multi-deck cabinets is available in open format and with glass doors for normal temperature, and with glass doors only for low temperature. An oblique, 3-D effect pillar and stepped shelves guarantee excellent illumination create and a striking visual impact. In closed normal temperature versions, these cabinets come with Arneg Air System technology for improved food preservation and significant energy savings.

> See Nimes LX



A simple, efficient and elegant refrigerated counter. The small number of mechanical parts in Venezia 2 counters permits excellent transparency and a perfect view of the products on display. Advanced customisation combined with minimalist design let you create highly evolved layouts in all contexts while ensuring practical, functional operation.

> See Venezia 2



Sendai 2 is a highly versatile promotional island, and is also available in semi-vertical format with adjustable inner shelves. All Sendai 2 islands are essentially designed and highly transparent, and can also be adapted in height, tilted and installed side by side without side panels to create continuous product displays inside the refrigerated compartment. Wheels can be fitted on request, making the islands easy to move around to satisfy stores’ changing needs.

> See Sendai 2


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