Retrofitting - Revamping - Relamping

Expertise and experience for the renovation of your store

Want to renew your in-store equipment and cut consumption at the same time?

With Arneg, you can modernise all kinds of cabinet, not just Arneg products, thanks to our services:

  • Retrofit
  • Revamping
  • Relamping


Gas replacement in obsolete systems

This service lets you replace any remaining HFC gases that no longer conform to standards (e.g. R404A or 507C) with the latest generation HFO refrigerants such as R448A, R449A which have a low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Arneg's technicians will even dispose of your old refrigerants for you according to local chemical waste regulations.

Thanks to our support, you will soon be back in line with all the relevant standards governing refrigerant gases – and with greater control over costs.

Why use our service: We are F-GAS FLI certified and have been promoting the use of natural gases like CO2 and propane in all refrigeration systems for many years.

Our target is to completely abandon the use of high-GWP refrigerants and supply the retail world with high-performance, environment-friendly fluids instead.


Upgrading parts of existing systems

Our revamping service lets you carry out targeted upgrades to improve the efficiency of an entire system.

Arneg helps you integrate new technologies or functionalities into your existing systems to reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
With our support, you can optimise the consumption of your system and minimise your costs and environmental impact.

Whether you intend to upgrade your store fully or partly, here are some of the jobs Arneg can do for you:

  • replacing mechanical valves with electronic ones
  • fitting doors to open refrigerated cabinets
  • replacing mechanical fans with electronic ones


Renewing the lighting in existing systems

If you want to optimise the energy consumption of your refrigerated cabinets and improve product visibility at the same time, Arneg's relamping service is what you need.

This service replaces your old display lights with high-efficiency LED models.

Our relamping service will upgrade the performance of your refrigerated cabinets by installing the latest, energy-efficient components. 



Service currently available only in Italy