Ensuring maximum hygiene and safety

If you are looking for a highly professional sanitisation service, Arneg is your perfect partner.

In addition to technical assistance services, you can also rely on us for the in-depth cleaning and sanitisation of your refrigerated cabinets.

With our support, you can prevent the proliferation of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds.



Why perform regular sanitisation?

  • Thoroughly clean and hygienic refrigerated cabinets with certification issued immediately
  • Improved efficiency and performance from your refrigerated cabinets
  • Extended lifetime and peak efficiency guaranteed


How is sanitisation done?

Arneg arranges periodic visits with the utmost flexibility, and can even sanitise your cabinets at night or when your store is closed.


Our professional technicians will:

  1. Remove and classify displayed products in complete safety, using PPE and sanitised equipment
  2. Wash the cabinet, removing all residues from its surfaces (e.g. grease, dust, organic residues and condensation)
  3. Sanitise the cabinet with specific and professional products to eliminate bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeasts
  4. Put back all products in their original positions on the decks, arranging them in order of sell-by date to ensure that your offering is always fresh
  5. Certify zero bacterial load, using specific tests, and apply a label to the cabinet, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the sanitisation


Service currently available only in Italy.



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