MINSK 070 H216

Temperatura de esercijo

0 / +2°C
+2 / +4°C
-1 / +1°C

Temperatura normal
Grupo frigorifico remoto
<p>Refrigeracion ventilada</p>
<p>Desescarche natural</p>
Grandes superficies
<p>Superficies mediansa</p>
<p>Superficies pequeñas</p>
<p>Tienda especializada</p>
<p>4ª gama</p>
<p>Pescado envasado</p>
<p>Platos preparados</p>
<p>Leche fresca</p>


An expression of evolved styling and functionality, the Minsk's flat surfaces and straight lines combine with large glass doors and excellent lighting to offer a complete view of the products on display.
Minsk is a glass door, multi-deck wall cabinet whose excellent functional and aesthetic features combine with new technical solutions. The height of the 625 mm shelves, the same width as the single door, can be adjusted, adapting the unit to all packaging types and offering a more versatile display combination.
Available with double or single glass doors and allows energy consumption to be considerably reduced.
Large storage volume, simple installation and maintenance.

Also available with AIR SYSTEM technology

Longitud sin laterales
Superficie de exposición horizontal
Capacidad útil
3750 mm