VELDEN LX 130 H125

Température d'application

0 / +2°C
+2 / +4°C

Temperature positive
Groupe exterieur
<p>Refrigeration ventilee</p>
<p>Degivrage naturel</p>
Grande surface
<p>Surface moyenne</p>
<p>Petite surface</p>
<p>IV gamme</p>
<p>Poisson pre-emballe</p>
<p>Lait frais</p>

Originality, lightweight, brightness and versatility make the new Velden LX semi vertical cabinet unique. The product on display becomes the real protagonist of the point of sale thanks to the essential lines and the total transparency of the elements that compose it. With the open island version Velden LX is adaptable to any display solution.

Longeur sans joues
Surface d ’exposition horizontale
Capacité utile
1875 mm
2,93 m2
557 dm3
2500 mm
3,9 m2
743 dm3
3750 mm
5,85 m2
1114 dm3
1,24 m2
236 dm3