PANAMA 3P 085 H216

Température d'application

+2 / +4°C
+4 / +6°C

Temperature positive
Groupe exterieur
<p>Refrigeration ventilee</p>
<p>Degivrage naturel</p>
<p>Surface moyenne</p>
<p>Petite surface</p>
<p>Poisson pre-emballe</p>
<p>Lait frais</p>


Expression of an advanced study in style and function, it has flat surfaces and excellent lighting to offer a complete view of the products on display.
It offers large storage volume and simple installation and maintenance. It has a small footprint and offers an excellent volume:size ratio.

Longeur sans joues
Surface d ’exposition horizontale
Capacité utile
1250 mm
3,3 m2
1110 dm3
1875 mm
4,95 m2
1665 dm3
2500 mm
6,6 m2
2221 dm3
3750 mm
9,9 m2
3331 dm3