Testimonies of continuous improvement

Can certifications really make a difference? 

Yes, when it leads to real and continuous improvements in organisation and efficiency. 

At Arneg, we have always seen certifications as a tool for change and growth.

Certifications can maximise the benefits of our process management systems and demonstrate the commitment of all the men and women who have made Arneg a reliable partner that stands out on the global market for dedication and quality.


ISO 14001

Environmental certifications prove our company’s commitment to the environment. Environmental certification means that all our internal processes, from production to personnel management, are managed in an environmentally sustainable manner and with a view to improving man’s relationship with the environment.

Arneg has obtained certification to ISO 14001:2015 as proof of its belief in a circular and environmentally compatible economy. 

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ISO 50001

Sustainability must be pursued not only by respecting the environment, but through responsible energy consumption too. When it comes to energy, being a certified company means greater efficiency thanks to improved use of resources, and savings through continuous optimisation.

Certification encourages the use of new technologies in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Arneg is certified to ISO 50001:2018 and sees transparency as a key value and as the basis for our energy resource management communications.

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