Every day is good for helping the environment

Arneg believes in a circular economy and, in keeping with corporate values, is committed to making the world more sustainable every day.


“Arneg constantly strives to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment.

Arneg’s environmental objectives are:

To respect legal requirements relevant to the environment

To continuously improve environmental performance

To raise the environmental awareness of all employees

To reduce energy consumption 

To reduce unjustified wastage of resources

To collaborate with suppliers in order to prevent environmental risks” 


The Arneg SpA Code of Ethics



Our processes and our materials conform to the latest safety and environmental standards with a view to constantly reducing the quantity of CO2 equivalent needed to produce our refrigerated cabinets, islands, counters, vertical displays and refrigeration systems.

Well ahead of our competitors in the commercial refrigeration sector, back in the early 2000s we implemented a process of continuous improvement to reduce the environmental impact of our production processes and the energy consumption of our products. We have achieved many objectives since then. 


Here is a list of our achievements:

> Certification of our Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 in 2007, and later to ISO 50001

> We have reduced the kilograms of CO2 equivalent associated with the production of a refrigerated cabinet by 68% (figures for 2020 compared to those for 2007)

> We now recycle 96% of the materials from which our refrigerated cabinets are made


Though not many people know it, by far the largest part of the environmental impact of our products during their life cycle - about 95% - is due to the consumption of electrical energy over many years of functioning. That is why our designers are always focused on developing new technical solutions for reducing the energy consumption of our products while still guaranteeing unrivalled performance.


Every day is good for optimising processes and finding new ways to help the environment. 

By way of example, here are some of the most innovative solutions we have adopted:

• electronic expansion valves

• low-energy electronic fans

• glass doors in wall cabinets

• unheated glass doors in low temperature cabinets

• glass covers in low temperature islands

• double air curtain systems in open wall cabinets

• LED lamps instead of fluorescent lamps

• Use of natural refrigerants

ARNEG AIR SYSTEM technology in wall cabinets with doors



Not just our company processes but our production sites too are environmentally friendly.

As part of our “Naturally Innovative” programme, launched back in 2007, Arneg has rationalised technologies, production systems and infrastructures.

Our objective? To improve the quality of work stations and reduce the impact of our industrial activities in general.


Areas of intervention:

Refurbishment of building envelopes, ensuring the highest standards of energy saving for all buildings

• Installation of photovoltaic systems, with a total capacity of 1.654 kWp, capable of supplying over half of our production plant’s annual energy needs

Installation of a biomass heating system providing over 1/3 of the production plant's annual requirements

Installation of an electrical consumption monitoring and remote control system

Adoption of an energy management system certified to ISO 50001:2018

Reduction in paper consumption and use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper


Arneg continues to work in this direction. Since we set out on this route:

> we have reduced our company’s energy needs by 46% per unit part produced (figures for 2020 compared to those for 2007)


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